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Lancashire Roofers Apex Plastics offer a replacement and fitting service for roof soffits.

What are Soffits?
Soffits are the boards placed on the underside of the eaves where the roof overhangs the walls.  This is where ventilation holes are generally provided so as to avoid condensation occurring within the roof void, which would ultimately lead to damp on the timbers. Here are some examples of where soffits are on a roof line.

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When putting up new soffits, fascias and bargeboards or replacing them, one option, and probably the most common, is to fit UPVC soffits. These UPVC soffits are usually available in white. There are many advantages of replacing existing or fitting new UPVC Soffits on your Lancashire homes' roof line, as due to the nature of the material they are very low maintenance, with an added bonus of looking great. UPVC Soffits don't need to be continuously repainted, they just need to be wiped down with a damp cloth to bring them back to their former glory.



When replacing a wooden soffit, fascia or bargeboard, it is recommended that the old soffit, fascia or bargeboards are all completely removed. Some 'professionals' will not remove the existing soffit and simply clad straight over the existing wood. However Lancashire Roofing specialists, Apex Plastics, never clad over existing soffits as this risks trapping moisture which could cause serious rot in the roofline structure.

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